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As a recruitment agency, we make sure to find the best possible candidates for employers, and we place job seekers in jobs that match with their skills and qualifications.

Our team is made up of expert recruitment consultants. They are CRHA, CRIA, Senior or CPC certified by ACSESS. You can trust in their professionalism.

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Decision Making and Managerial Courage: subjective or objective notion?

Posted on October 7, 2019 04:00

Decision Making and Managerial Courage: subjective or objective notion? For many years, the expression "showing managerial courage" has been very common. Evidently, throughout the years, everyone started having their own definition and interpretation. In practice, in my opinion, it is rather a notion that is subjective rather than objective, because of the perception of the parties involved, that is, the manager (who makes the decisions) and the employee (who is subject to the decisions).

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Discipline in a context of staff shortages, should we close our eyes?

Posted on September 3, 2019 15:04

In an employee shortage market, should we avoid disciplining or managing an employee’s performance for fear of provoking discontent or even worse, seeing them leave the company?

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Vos obligations face à la Loi sur l’Équité salariale et son maintien

Posted on July 30, 2019 03:00

On se rappellera que la Loi sur l’Équité salariale est entrée en vigueur le 21 novembre 1996 et qu’elle a été depuis révisée à deux occasions soit en 2009 et 2019. À l’exception des entreprises sous juridiction Fédérale, la Loi sur l’Équité salariale concerne toutes les entreprises au Québec comptant 10 salariés ou plus.

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