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Temporary Personnel Staffing

Employees, quickly and simply

Do you suddenly have to replace an employee? Need to find a qualified person to take over for someone on your staff who is on parental leave? Do you need to hire more personnel for a specific—or indeterminate—length of time?

Bedard Resources will find the right candidates to work for you on a temporary basis.

  • Bedard Resources takes care of managing payroll and statutory holidays.
  • Personnel can be made available evenings and weekends for the same rate.
  • Emergency placement: You can contact your consultant any time of the day or night. - We offer a guarantee on any placement.
  • Flexibility: Need an employee for 4 hours, 4 days or 4 months? Would you like to hire a temporary employee on a permanent basis? The choice is yours.

Our goal:  To answer your need of staff as fast and as satisfactorily as possible. Bedard Resources always keeps in mind that your success depends a lot on your employees.

Services offered

+ Employee transportation service

Bedard Resources offers transportation for employees from home to workplace at times when public transit is not available. Thanks to Bedard Resources, you can be sure that you will never be short of staff for simply logistical reasons.

+ 24/7 emergency placement service

You suddenly have to find someone to replace one of your employees… tonight? This weekend? Very early the next morning? Use our 24-hour emergency placement service. If your company’s operations involve shift work and you become a Bedard Resources client, we will provide you with an emergency number that will let you get in touch with us whould something unexpected happen.

Bedard Resources is with you every step of the way!

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