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Plastic Cutting and Finishing Technician

No. 1681
November 2, 2022
$20 to $25 per hour
Job category
Skilled Trades - Manufacturing
Type of job
Day shift, 7 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday to Thursday and Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.
The holiday season is fast approaching, and you have already planned to make all your gifts by hand. It’s to the point that manual labour and the making of knick-knacks are a passion for you. If it’s not already the case, you absolutely must make good use of your talent to make it a career of choice. Are you manual, autonomous and you want a job that meets your ambitions? We are looking for a cutting and finishing technician. This Terrebonne company has been specializing in industrial plastic cutting for almost 20 years! After all this time, team spirit is essential to their success: a second family for all. This is why our client puts everything in place to ensure individual and collective well-being. Say hello to the benefits and social activities!


  • Drilling, assembling, folding and finalizing components of different products from a variety of manual and/or pneumatic machine tools.
  • Reading and understanding 3D plans of parts specific technical drawings.
  • Ensuring quality finishing standards are met.
  • Meeting current safety standards and rules.
  • Taking part in any other related tasks for day-to-day operations.
  • If you are ready to take on new challenges, we would like to meet you!


  • A performance bonus and profit-sharing scheme to celebrate: their success is your success.
  • Group insurance (vision, dental, medication, disability, extended illness) for the seeds of daily life.
  • A group RRSP with employer contributions for a retirement that meets your expectations.
  • Friday afternoons off to start the weekend before everyone else.
  • An air-conditioned work environment to cross the Quebec seasons comfortably.
  • Corporate activities such as go-karting in November to get out of the usual work environment and have fun as a team.
  • Ability to bank overtime for upcoming getaways.

Job requirements

  • Demonstrated ability to read, count and speak French.
  • Sharp manual dexterity.
  • Experience in a manufacturing or cutting and finishing environment (asset).
  • Good knowledge of tooling and assembly equipment ( drill, saw, vernier, milling machine, etc).
  • Plan reading knowledge.

Desired profile

  • Your great strength is your curiosity, it leads you to make all sorts of things manually.
  • Your desire is to constantly develop and gain new skills.
  • Your main know-how is to detect the smallest details: nothing goes unnoticed by you.
  • You know how to take your seat at the table of an energetic team and in an environment that is action-packed and is noisy at the same time.

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