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The person you’re looking for is out there, and we’re here to find them. We’re experts in finding the best talent. Bedard human resources helps business owners and organization leaders from companies of all sizes effectively overcome their human resource challenges and meet their business objectives by finding the person who’ll make all the difference in their organization.

We have an eye for finding the candidate whose profile, expertise, skills and values align with your company and the way your teams operate.

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Discreet, strategic and highly professional approach.
Tailored support and a fully turnkey search process.
Pre-screened candidates selected using cutting-edge tools and psychometric tests.

A proven approach

We rely on our expertise, our passion for people and a rigorous approach to identify and attract candidates who fully align with our clients' strategic vision and values.

Bedard human resources gets to know your company culture

We study your organization in depth to clearly identify your needs and understand your culture and how you function. This approach ensures we target the candidates whose profile, ambitions and values align with your company’s to make the best possible choice. We look for the right balance of experience, qualifications and interpersonal skills.

Headhunting and pre-selection

Bedard HR directly and tactfully approaches the targeted professionals to discuss the possibility of working with you. This confidential process lets us evaluate how compatible the candidate is with your organization, validate their skills and gauge their interest in a potential job offer.

Tailored support

The most promising profiles will be pre-screened by our team as they conduct an interview process, take references and administer psychometric tests. Bedard HR assists you through every stage of the final interviews with the selected candidates. If needed, your consultant can lead your selection committee to streamline and simplify the decision-making process. They will also take care of salary negotiation. 

Candidate onboarding support

You can also request to have one of our HR professionals support the candidate to ensure they are fully onboarded. We will also conduct post-hire follow-ups with you and the employee to ensure both parties are fully satisfied.

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What our clients think:
As it was a new executive position at the company, we decided to entrust Bedard human resources with recruitment. From our very first meeting, our consultant asked the right questions to develop a precise and detailed portrait of what we needed, while taking the company’s current situation and history into account. After the selection process, she recommended a candidate that perfectly fit the profile we were looking for. After a second interview with the candidate, we enthusiastically hired them.
Assistant HR Advisor, Logistics sector
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