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Bedard human resources' large team is committed to providing you with effective strategies, customized solutions, and people-centred support to help you grow your organization. We deliver results and are dedicated to optimizing your human resources for your needs.

Whether you’re seeking professional advice, recruitment support or human resource management as part of an outsourcing project, we understand the ins and outs of HR and have the expertise to provide you with meaningful support.

Bedard HR is a visionary firm that adapts its approach to companies across all business sectors.


Areas of Expertise

Bedard HR understands your challenges and issues regarding recruitment. Use our employment agency services for your temporary, permanent, or international recruitment needs. We know how to optimize your processes while providing personalized support that aligns with the reality of your business.

Areas of Expertise
The Bedard HR advantage
  • Expert consultants who are passionate about their field and committed to your needs.
  • The right candidate for the right position.
  • A large bank of pre-screened candidates in your field.
  • Tailored to your recruitment needs: find someone for a few or to fill permanent positions.

Executives and High-Level Management

We have an eye for exceptional candidates. Benefit from our vast network of contacts and let us find the ideal person with the skills to grow your company.

Executive Search
Examples of filled positions
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Vice president, Business Development
  • President
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of IT

Human Resources Services

Bedard HR is dedicated to its clients and prides itself on being able to adapt to their specific needs. Increase your transversal skill capital with our complementary services. Excellent employees translate to excellent business.

HR Consulting
Benefit from our 25 years of expertise
  • Specialized consulting services
  • Organizational development
  • Talent development and company training
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Recruitment marketing


Our flexible and efficient outsourcing service is founded on the expert knowledge of our consultants. You’ll get tailored recommendations that align with the protocols and culture of your company to ensure continuity.

Examples of outsourcing projects
  • Distribution center
  • Customer experience team
  • Loading docks
  • Call centers
What our loyal clients think:
I’d been looking for a Head of Human Resources for our company. After a few weeks of trying in vain, I contacted Bedard human resources for the first time. Their consultant was empathetic and patient and responsive to our needs throughout our time working together. She really understood what kind of candidate I was looking for, and we soon found the rare gem I needed! Ever since, she’s been the first person I turn to when I have to recruit for HR, accounting or finance.
- Chief Financial Officer, Metal manufacturing sector

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