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Advantages of trusting our recruitment agency

Continuously growing demand? Specific expertise needed? High turnover rate? Our global understanding of companies' recruitment and HR needs allows us to optimize international recruitment strategies. We coordinate all the components of your recruitment by combining the right position, in the right region, at the right time with the right support. Our team will guide you through the various talent acquisition and retention strategies so your company can perform at full speed all year!

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Why trust us with your international recruitment

Strategy tailored to each mandate
Global process that meets the highest industry standards
Step-by-step support from start to finish

Avoid surprises and issues with the support of Bedard HR

Our vision is clear: to make international recruitment simple and accessible to any company that has a position to fill.

Needs analysis

A good understanding of your needs is the key to a successful hiring process. An expert assigned to your company will take the time to understand your reality, your expectations, and your ideal profile to determine the best recruitment strategies.

Talent attraction or sourcing

Whether it is for the language, the expertise, or the region, we will determine together the country or countries best suited to meet your needs. Our talent attraction teams are in place and uphold the highest industry standards when it comes to processing candidates.

Posting, recruitment, and pre-screening

We take care of the necessary postings and tests, adapted to the reality of each position, to prequalify candidates according to their field. Submitted applications are evaluated on 3 levels: skills, the immigration process, and life in Canada.

Interview process

You will then meet the successful applicants in a second interview and select the best candidates.

Immigration process

Your company and the candidate are taken care of by our teams until the file is approved.

Personalized integration

From the departure from their home country to the onboarding process at the company, our team ensures an exceptional candidate experience during integration into the host society.

Personalized support

Whether renewing the work permit or applying for permanent residency, our team ensures that administrative documents are never an obstacle to employment!

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25% of Canada’s population will be over 65 by 2035. 350 000 is the estimated number of immigrants Canada will need annually by 2035 to meet its workforce needs.
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