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FAQ | Frequently asked questions

I am looking for a job, do we have to pay for your services?

No, our services are free for job seekers. We do not take any cuts from your salary.

The salary shown will be the one paid, minus government deductions.

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency or recruitment firm is a business mandated by companies to recruit temporary or permanent employees. It acts as an intermediary in the hiring process.

What is the difference between an employment resource center or a carrefour jeunesse emploi and an employment agency?

An employment resource center is an organization where consultant are there to assist you in looking for a job and to make you an expert in searching for a job (help in writing your CV or cover letter, train on search tools, interview preparation, etc.).

When I sign up to one of your offices, am I signed up to the other ones?

Yes, all Bedard Resources employees across Canada have access to the same data base. Therefore, we can consult your file.

If I have a temporary job with Bedard Resources, who pays me?

Bedard Resources is your employer, we will take care of your pay.

If I have a temporary job with Bedard Resources, when do I get payed?

Sunday to Saturday working hours will be paid the week after (the Friday). The pay is weekly.

If I have a temporary job with Bedard Resources but it is no longer convenient for me, what do I do?

Before leaving your job because it no longer suits you or it is too far from home, talk about it with your consultant. They can make suggestions and help you decrease your inconveniences as well as the employer’s.

If I have a temporary job with Bedard Resources and I found another job, do I have to let you know?

When it is a temporary job (general labour) via an agency, you are not bound by a work contract. If you wish to end your mandate, it is preferable to advise your consultant as soon as possible so they can find a replacement!

If I live outside of Canada, can I still find a job and you have me come in the country?

Unfortunately no, we cannot bring you to the country and promise you a job. You need to have a valid Canadian working permit to get a job via Bedard Resources.

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