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Outsourcing Service

Let us handle your HR operations

Our outsourcing service is the most agile and versatile in the industry. Let us manage all or part of your operations so you can concentrate on your organization’s strategic activities. Our team is made up of experts in different business areas who understand the challenges and issues you face.

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Let us handle your operations

A dedicated expert consultant who works collaboratively with you in full transparency.
KPIs, performance measures and reports in real time.
Solutions that suit your procedures, budgets and timelines.

Partner with Bedard human resources and save time

Your time is valuable. Trust us with your operations so you can focus on what really matters. Our experts will make sure to implement and comply with protocols based on your organization’s reality, requirements and culture.

Increased productivity

Concrete solutions that quickly boost the productivity of your daily operations.

Business objective achievement and risk reduction

A strategy aligned with your performance indicators to help you reach your business objectives while ensuring optimal risk management.

Operations control and efficient cost management

Keeping a close watch on your operating expenses saves you time and money.

Work team optimization and versatility

From recruiting to hiring, we find exceptional talent to help your organization grow.

Customized invoicing and a single point of contact

Unique invoicing customized to your company’s standards. Detailed and accurate financial analysis to simplify your management.

Added-value services

  • Office and facilities rental
  • Comprehensive human resource management
  • Infrastructure-related administrative management (purchase of equipment, supplier management, etc.)
  • Operations process and performance optimization
  • Human resource support and consulting
  • Implementation and overall management of health and safety practices
  • Professional development
  • Marketing & communications

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We received incredible support from your supervisor and department head when launching our new company. Everything’s going great! I hope everything continues to go this well (and I’m sure it will!).
Vice President, Transportation sector
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