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Advantages of trusting our recruitment agency

Our expertise as a recruitment agency, our network and our tailored approach help you optimize your company's permanent recruitment process. Bedard human resources means only looking once to hire the candidates you need. Our team and HR specialists are familiar with all the in-demand industries, including the public and semipublic sectors, finance, accounting, manufacturing and transport and logistics, to name a few.

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Why trust us with your permanent recruitment

Our consultants care about growing your company
Rigorous recruitment process
In-depth market knowledge

Let the Bedard HR way save you time and money

Our efficient, tailored approach is tried and tested. Our teams of expert consultants and administrative support professionals use flexible and customized strategies to find your ideal candidate. See all the positions we offer.  

Looking for an executive? Consult our upper management and executives service.

Needs analysis

A good understanding of your needs is the key to a successful hiring process. An expert assigned to your company will take the time to understand your reality, your expectations and your ideal profile to determine the best recruitment strategy.

Job posting strategy

We are marketing and recruitment specialists. We apply our strategy across multiple platforms, including social media, to find your perfect candidate fast. You will also benefit from our vast network of businesses and partners, giving you access to a large pool of prequalified candidates.

Candidate pre-screening

Candidate screening starts with phone interviews. This step allows your expert consultant to analyze and preselect the applications received based on the position’s pre-established criteria.

Interview process

Your Bedard HR consultant then meets with the potential candidates (in person or virtually) for an initial interview. They will further narrow down the candidates based on their potential and how well they meet your requirements.

Pre-employment screening

To ensure that the selected candidates have the right qualities for the job, our team then does criminal record and reference checks. This is also the step where practical, clerical and psychometric tests, depending on the position, are conducted.

Candidate presentation

At this stage, you will receive a comprehensive file of candidates. Your expert consultant will answer your questions and respond to any thoughts you have while supporting you through the selection process, salary negotiation and employment confirmation.


Once the candidate is working in their position, we will regularly check in with you and the candidate. This hands-on, people-focused approach helps us ensure you’re fully satisfied throughout the guarantee period.

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The cost of replacing an employee can be up to 150% of their salary (when accounting for productivity loss, recruitment fees, training costs and other related expenses).
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