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Are you ready for new career challenges? Bedard human resources understands the reality of the business world and offers you advice on how to make your application stand out for the positions that align with your skills and aspirations. For more than 25 years, as a staffing and recruitment agency we have been offering specialized guidance to cultivate potential and help people reach their career goals. Maximize your chances of finding a job that meets your expectations.

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I registered a week ago and I got a job in 6 days! I am very satisfied with the company’s efficiency and professionalism each step of the way. Thank you I recommend it!
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Bedard HR helps businesses grow


Bedard HR understands the challenges and issues you face in recruiting, whether you're recruiting for permanent or temporary positions. We know how to optimize your processes while providing customized follow-up tailored to your company.

Executives and High-Level Management

We have an eye for exceptional candidates. Take advantage of our vast network of contacts and let us find the ideal person with the skills to grow your company.

Human Resources Services

Bedard HR is dedicated to its clients and prides itself on being able to adapt to their specific expectations. Increase your transversal skill capital with our complementary services. Excellent employees translate to excellent business.


Our outsourcing service is founded on the expert knowledge of our consultants. Get tailored recommendations that align with the protocols and culture of your company.