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On June 22nd, it is with great enthusiasm that Bedard Human Resources made the transition to a new brand image. This new image reflects its evolution from a recruitment and placement agency at its inception in 1996, to a renowned Canadian human resources firm in 2022. With more than 25 years of expertise in human resources, the company now offers a full range of services to meet all its clients' HR needs, while maintaining its temporary and permanent recruitment services. Despite this new positioning, Bedard HR still acts as a placement agency for its candidates and clients to meet all their recruitment needs. Its service offering has simply improved over time, and this new image is proof of that.

A beautiful evolution!

Founded in 1996 by Yvonne Bédard CRHA, Bedard HR was then a temporary placement agency mainly dedicated to the administrative sector, meeting all the needs of its clients for permanent and temporary recruitment as well as headhunting services. The company quickly expanded its workforce to serve clients in a variety of fields, including industry.

Only a few years after its establishment, Bedard HR had already added another string to its bow by launching a permanent recruitment division. The hiring of consultants with various specialties quickly allowed us to cover a wide range of positions in fields such as accounting, skilled trades, transportation, and warehousing.  A Headhunting and executive recruiting devision was also added along the way to once again bolster the services.

In 2015, having accumulated several years of consulting experience and with the hiring of a director for the consulting division, the company rolled out its new HR consulting and training service offering with experienced consultants in several areas such as compensation, reorganization, policy development and strategic coaching.

Then, in 2020, the company implemented outsourcing as an offered service, having already completed major projects in transportation, warehousing, and customer service. It also built a full-fledged department for recruitment and placement services in the technology field, in response to growing demand.

A new positioning

Today, Bedard HR continues to operate as a recruitment and placement agency but is proud to offer its clients a full range of human resources services. As a result, the company has naturally chosen to position itself as a national human resources firm.

The way we guide candidates, we accompany our clients strategically and specially teamwork are elements that define Bedard Human Resources. The individual is the foundation, the base, the bedrock of business performance. It is this vision and positioning that the company reinforces with the new brand image it has developed. A brand that clients and candidates relate with because it exudes expertise, security, and performance... a brand that speaks to and captures the reality of candidates and the needs of companies.

Because of its human approach that combines knowledge, agility, and flexibility, Bedard HR has made its mark in a multitude of sectors. Its image may be changing, but its mission remains the same: to recruit the best talent to contribute to their success and to the success of its partners through personalized human resources follow-up and solutions.

This is how Bedard Human Resources reaffirms the "why" of the company. The reason why its dedicated team gets up every morning: to deploy HR strategies, to guide its clients, to transform lives. That's what makes it a specialized human resource consulting firm.

Do you have questions or want to know more about our services? Contact us by email at or at 1 877 667-0202. One of our team members will be happy to answer you.

Check out our promotional video of our rebranding by clicking here.

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