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Your organization is growing and evolving. It’s important to prioritize talent and skill development to remain competitive and ensure your long-term success. Bedard human resources knows that talent is a rewarding investment that needs to be cultivated.

Investing in your employees’ training and development boosts your brand as an employer, helps attract and encourage the most qualified people and fosters employee loyalty. It is also a way to identify and prepare the next generation of employees to fill your organization’s key positions.

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Our growth solutions

Psychometric tests

For many organizations, the recruitment process is often limited to the selection interview and reference checking. Hiring decisions are largely based on the impression formed in the interviews. Psychometric tests give you a more objective perspective on a candidate’s personality, strengths, weaknesses and style. They are an important complement to the recruitment process as they allow you to make more informed decisions when selecting a candidate.

The benefits of psychometric tests:

  • Efficient recruitment and selection process
  • Improved onboarding of new employees
  • Team building
  • Simplified conflict resolution
  • Customized training and career development plans

Conduct your own psychometric tests

Want to be able to conduct psychometric tests independently? We use simple, user-friendly platforms that facilitate all steps of the testing process. Ask about our available packages.

Career transition program

For employers, making difficult decisions quickly, like layoffs, dismissals and job cuts, can be harrowing. Bedard HR supports you throughout the employment termination process.

We are also here to support your employees as they search for their next position. This approach gives them a professionally assisted path forward and demonstrates a company culture that cares about people and their professional goals.

All of our plans are customized and tailored to the needs of the affected employee. Ask about our various plans.

  • Immediate services from the day of termination
  • Support and reflection session
  • Résumé and cover letter writing help
  • Job search strategy
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Career positioning
  • Psychometric tests and feedback
  • Personalized meeting with a Bedard HR consultant
  • Access to a list of headhunters and staffing agencies
  • Support with social media as a job search tool
  • Follow-up on the individual’s transition into their new position

Dynamic training for managers or employees

Bedard HR offers over 40 specialized training courses in 5 main areas to meet your organization’s diverse needs. We also design tailored training courses.

All of our training courses are available in English and French and can be given remotely. Note that you may be eligible for an Emploi-Québec grant that covers up to 50% of the cost of the training.

Who is it for?

  • Frontline workers, administrative support staff, technical staff
  • Professionals
  • Company executives, managers, directors and team leaders

Available training programs

Communication skills development

Training courses: Communicating and building relationships remotely | Breaking down communication barriers | Having difficult conversations

Personal skill development

Training courses: Promoting employee well-being | Stress management | Building emotional intelligence | Building your resilience | How to collaborate in an era of transformation

Team skill development

Training courses: Transform your remote education training | Providing meaningful training | Introduction to customer service and business development | Personal change management for you and your employees | Diversity and collaboration | Inter-generational collaboration

Organizational and management skill development

Training courses: Remote management fundamentals | Remote performance management | Remote collaboration | Effective and engaging virtual meetings | The motivation-performance equation (stimulating employee engagement & performance management) | Time management and professional efficiency | Remote leadership | Providing strong leadership in a crisis | Basic rules for management | The sphere of influence | The art of negotiation | Performance management | Absentee management | Discipline management | Managing difficult employees | Psychological harassment | Introduction to work permits

Management and supervisory development

Training courses: Frontline management in industrial settings | Supervisor course – occupational health and safety in a floor management context | Fundamentals of OSH | Work injury investigation and analysis | Financial management coaching.

Operational skill development

Training courses: Electric pallet truck | Forklift operation | Industrial order picking

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