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For most organizations, hiring is an important issue. But hiring also comes with the need for staff training.


In times of transformation, the organizational structure and processes are also reorganized, which is why it is important for existing workers to update their skills and/or to acquire new ones.


How do you define skills development?

It is the set of knowledge, skills and know-how of the workers, developed in order to meet the company’s requirements.


Some examples of knowledge to improve:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility in negotiations
  • Customer service


Five key skills to develop in a context of change:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Quick decision-making
  • Communication


According to a study by Université de Sherbrooke, key skills are interrelated. During a context of change, managers must demonstrate leadership skills to guide and empower their employees.

In turn, employees must work as a team to meet the objectives. All of these changes require quick decision-making and effective communication, without which ambiguities turn into frustrations, which contaminate the workplace.


Who is skills development for?

Following the previous logic, entrepreneurs, directors and managers must master the 5 key skills to lead their teams to success. If one of these skills is lacking, or if related competencies can make their job easier, they must set some time aside to better equip themselves.


For professionals and employees, companies often offer updates or new work methods for more efficiency. But skills development could bring them much more.


For example, if they improve their leadership skills, they could get a team lead or supervisor position. Similarly, learning a second language can open up new opportunities for them.


What form does skills development take?

The choice is vast, ranging from private coaching, to conferences, courses and workshops. The important thing is finding the form that will bring you the most benefits in relation to the objectives, the allocated budget and the set deadlines.  


For example, if one of your teams lacks synergy, a workshop focused on teamwork could be the winning formula. On the other hand, if one of your managers lacks tact in communications, coaching could be the best option.


What are the actual benefits for the company?

Investing in a development plan could be costly at first glance. A comparative analysis before and after training could highlight the changes in terms of employee satisfaction as well as the savings in hiring costs.


Also, it is important to remember that a workplace that invests in a development plan becomes attractive to top talent. In today’s hyper-competitive market, it is an important issue to consider.



At Bedard Human Resources, we can help you define or improve your development plan. Contact Stéphane Pépin for more information on our HR consulting services.

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