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CCQ Plumber

No. 1381
January 29, 2024
According to the CCQ salary range
Job category
Skilled Trades - Manufacturing
Type of job
Day shifts, 40 hours per week
We are looking for a passionate plumber, an experienced professional who remains up to date on the most recent developments in the plumbing industry. If you value your clients’ wellbeing and consider customer service and follow-ups as essential parts of your work, you have all the qualities we are seeking in a prospective employee. You will work in both residential and commercial environments, which will ensure that each day is unique and stimulating.


  • Valuing client satisfaction by providing excellent services and establishing lasting relationships.
  • Travelling to client locations, assessing needs, and offering tailored solutions.
  • Demonstrating your expertise by interpreting plans and sketches to execute projects accurately.
  • Repairing and installing pipes in various contexts: residential, commercial, and industrial.
  • Draining pipes carefully and efficiently.
  • Taking on any additional challenges related to the trade.


  • Work vehicle provided for travel.
  • State-of-the-art work tools.
  • Dynamic team within a stable professional environment.
  • Monthly professional development seminars.
  • Comprehensive compensation package.

Job requirements

  • Five (5) years of solid experience as a journeyman plumber.
  • CCQ (journeyman) card.
  • Valid driver’s licence.
  • Fluency in French and English.

Desired profile

  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Open to change, able to adapt to new situations and industry developments.
  • Demonstrated initiative, proactivity, and fast decision-making.
  • Strong organizational and task management skills.

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