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Cook (ready-to-eat)

No. 1399
June 27, 2024
$20 to $23 per hour depending on experience
Job category
Food production and services
Type of job
Flexible schedule (day / evening / weekend) / 35 and 40 hours per week
Are you passionate about the art of cooking, with your greatest strength lying in the creation of unique and innovative dishes? If your experience in gastronomy is your biggest asset in expressing your love for food, we have a delicious opportunity waiting for you! In our winning recipe, you'll find a variety of healthy and balanced meals, prepared with top-quality ingredients, and teams united by their passion for the industry.


  • Creative preparation: preparing the kitchen and necessary ingredients with an artistic touch, whether it's chopping vegetables or preparing different meats.
  • Culinary creativity: actively participating in the creation of new dishes and proposing innovative ideas to delight your customers’ palates.
  • Precise execution: following recipes and directives from the head chef to prepare daily dishes with precision.
  • Maintaining order: always keeping your workspace impeccable to ensure an organized and inspiring kitchen.
  • Neat presentation: packing and displaying meals attractively.
  • Active collaboration: performing related tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen, thereby contributing to our culinary success.


  • Enjoy a 20% discount on our delicious products.
  • Benefit from free parking or receive a discount on your bus pass.
  • Meals included during your shifts.
  • Advantageous and flexible schedule: work days, evenings, or weekends.

Job requirements

  • Two to three years of gastronomic experience.
  • Impeccable mastery of the French language.
  • Ability to work standing for extended periods.

Desired profile

  • Overflowing creativity to design new original dishes.
  • Great energy to create a pleasant team atmosphere.
  • Belief that cooking while standing is optimal.

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