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Finance-Specialized Administrative Assistant

No. 402
November 14, 2022
$50,000 to $60,000 per year according to experience.
Job category
Administrative Support
Type of job
Day shift, Monday to Friday, 35 hours per week.
Perhaps you are tired of simply adding and subtracting budgets in your Excel tables? Your creative mind wants to use complex formulas in colourful paintings? That’s what we thought. With this solid background, become an essential resource for a team of advisors and its amazing clientele. A family business from here wants to welcome an administrative assistant specialized in finance to evolve to the rhythm of their succession. Since the early 2000s, our client continues to grow by welcoming new customers and introducing new services. They stand out among other things for their human approach which makes them equally successful with their employees.


  • Primarily supporting the President in carrying out the administrative tasks related to her role (writing, editing and correcting documents).
  • Participating with Financial Advisors in maintaining business relationships with customers and their files.
  • Using information provided by financial advisors from complex Excel tables (investments, retirement analysis and life insurance).
  • Providing excellent customer service at all times, whether via email or phone calls.
  • Completing open customer accounts in segregated funds and mutual funds.
  • Participating in life insurance follow-ups with financial advisors.
  • Supporting the firm and its advisors with any other related work relevant to the success of the team.


  • An accessible RRSP program with employer contribution.
  • An opportunity for annual performance bonuses based on firm performance.
  • A job that evolves with the succession of the firm.
  • A caring team celebrating their efforts and successes with small surprises and expressions of thanks.
  • A bright new office awaits you minutes away from the Mirabel Outlets.

Job requirements

  • You are fluently bilingual - English and French are familiar to you! - Bilingualism is required in order to meet the needs of both French and English speaking clients.
  • You know the Excel software and its shortcuts at your fingertips.
  • You have an easy way to interact with different IT technologies (electronic mail, DocuSign, Kronos platform, etc.).
  • You have at least one year of experience in the financial sector (segregated and pooled funds).
  • Additional advantage if you know the field of personal insurance.

Desired profile

  • An Excel formula? No problem. You are excellent with all types of spreadsheets.
  • Working in a team? No worries. Your success is first and foremost the success of your team.
  • Maintain professional relationships? Always! You are particularly comfortable communicating with clients from the financial sector.
  • New software or method? Learn new things at a snap of your fingers.

Advisor for this position

Sarah De Champlain
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