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Maintenance and Building Technician

No. 609
September 5, 2023
$22 to $28 per hour, depending on experience.
Job category
Type of job
Day shift, Monday to Friday.
Welcome to the world of steel construction, where strength and precision are paramount, and where each building is a work of engineering art. Our renowned company, specializing in steel structure construction, is seeking a dedicated Maintenance and Building Technician to join our team. If you are passionate about steel, building maintenance, and have the ambition to contribute to large-scale projects, this opportunity is for you. You will be at the heart of our mission, ensuring the efficient maintenance of our facilities and ensuring that every building we create remains a symbol of sustainability and exceptional quality. As a Maintenance and Building Technician, you will play a crucial role in preserving our steel-built structures while actively participating in innovation and continuous improvement of our operations. If you are ready to take on this exciting challenge and leave your mark in the world of steel construction, we invite you to join our dynamic team. Your expertise and passion will be the cornerstones of our ongoing success.


  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance of yard and factory equipment, including leak detection, machine inspections, lubrication, and tool repairs.
  • Assess costs associated with maintenance work, perform repairs to the extent of your abilities, and engage subcontractors when necessary.
  • Design a preventive maintenance program, carry out required maintenance, and maintain a comprehensive record of equipment interventions.
  • Perform building maintenance in accordance with standards and using your skills, while engaging subcontractors when necessary, and strictly following established procedures.
  • Perform any other related tasks as required and instructed by the supervisor.


  • 40-hours per week, paid at double time after 44 hours.
  • 4 weeks of annual vacation.
  • $400 annual clothing allowance.
  • Company-paid group insurance.
  • $240 annual reimbursement for training expenses, safety glasses replacement every 2 years, and included telemedicine service.

Job requirements

  • Proven experience in maintenance and manual work, along with knowledge of the Building Code (an asset).
  • Basic mechanical knowledge (repairing tools, machinery, etc.).
  • Having working at heights and lift platforms certifications is an asset.
  • Holding a basic understanding of electromechanics is also an asset.
  • Possessing a valid driver's license.

Desired profile

  • Operational efficiency and safety awareness.
  • Ability to provide physical effort.
  • Autonomy and ability to foresee tasks to be done.

Advisor for this position

Béatrice Boudreault
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