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Store Manager

No. 165
March 21, 2022
$45,000 to $65,000 per year according to experience.
Job category
Customer service
Type of job
Your outings in the mountains are planned from A to Z: equipment, travel, snacks, schedule, music and friends. You may not know this, but these are solid skills to run a shop for outdoor enthusiasts like you. You see the store objectives as challenges to be met as a team and you certainly don’t hesitate to equip everyone to celebrate successes daily! A growing team wants to promote the beauty of the mountains throughout Quebec, especially in their Brossard boutique. They want to revolutionize the face of their customer experience with an authentic quality service by joining forces with passionate and specialized people like you. We want to hear all about your greatest outdoor adventure!


  • Financial management:
  • You use your passion for numbers and statistics to analyze sales, schedules and rates of return. You know how to make decisions that have a positive impact on both the profitability and well-being of your team.
  • Operations management:
  • The energy you use to look after customer needs inspires your employees to do the same! It also leaves room for a great work environment. You oversee the team's work while helping when necessary. You also ensure effective department management. To do this, you establish the distribution of the team and tasks according to the shop's priorities and needs.
  • Employee management:
  • You are very involved in human resources management, from recruiting future talent to developing and evaluating current talent. You know the strengths of each team member and encourage them to meet objectives through their contribution.
  • Department management:
  • You ensure that everything glides smoothly (like on skis) for all departments. You supervise stock management as well as visual merchandising and all possible situations at the cash registers!
  • If necessary, you assist the team in any other related tasks to ensure smooth operations.


  • Take care of yourself to continue having fun: group insurance paid 50% by the employer.
  • There’s nothing better than discounts and corporate gifts to try on the equipment you sell!
  • Celebrate big, say hello to an annual bonus based on the team’s successes.
  • Unwind with vacation time!

Job requirements

  • Being French and English bilingual to connect with the clientele.
  • Relevant experience in a management position.
  • Relevant experience in a similar sector (restaurant, call center, hotel, retail).

Desired profile

  • You’re a hands-on person, which is why retail is right up your alley by allowing you to have a foot in human resources, finance and fashion at the same time.
  • Your organization is inspiring and allows you to do great things with your team and sales.
  • You enjoy working with the public and leading a team to meet objectives!
  • You are an ambassador for the outdoors, fun and movement!

Advisor for this position

Carlos Alberto Danies Mesa
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