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Tree Pruner / Climber specialized in big cities

No. 4277
January 10, 2023
Between $25 and $35 per hour (depending on experience and position)
Job category
Skilled Trades - Manufacturing
Type of job
Day shift, Monday to Friday, full time
****INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS WELCOME! YOUR IMMIGRATION WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF FREE OF CHARGE **** Do you love the outdoors, breathtaking scenery and heights? If maintaining the splendor of nature in the big city fills you with happiness and outdoor teamwork brings stars to your eyes, this position as a tree pruner/climber sounds like the perfect fit. Work while maintaining your physical fitness and your love for trees! Our client is a company that has been operating in the field of arboriculture for over 15 years and uses modern and safe machinery. They are looking for pruners and climbers to join their team located on the South Shore, in the city of Varennes.


  • Know how to operate a chainsaw at height from a ladder or harness.
  • Ensure a quality cut that allows the tree to regenerate.
  • Avoiding electrical wires while cutting.
  • Tie up branches in advance of cuts to prevent uncontrolled scattering of chips.
  • Work as a team and develop excellent communication for the pruning strategy.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the cut and ground after performing primary tasks.
  • Ensure the safety of your co-worker when you have the role of being on the ground and holding his ropes, being his turn to cut branches (mountaineer style rope provided).
  • Perform any other related tasks of the trade to ensure the health of the trees.
  • If you are ready to take on new challenges, we would like to meet you!


  • Receive your paycheck every week.
  • Your vehicle, equipment and tools will be provided to you upon hiring.
  • Enjoy a friendly environment and a work pace that promotes employee safety.
  • Work outdoors all year round and enjoy the 4 seasons with a view of the beautiful Quebec landscape.
  • Health and safety are a priority in the workplace, which is why a serene work pace is encouraged.

Job requirements

  • You have a valid class 5 driver's license.
  • Better yet: You have or would like a class 3 driver's license? You will be supported in the process!
  • You have big city experience in a similar or related field.
  • You know how to recognize magnetic fields and how to take the necessary measures in the presence of electrical wires.
  • You handle the chainsaw as if it were part of your own body and your cuts have a regenerative quality for the trees you treat!
  • "A tree always falls the way it leans." Just make sure it doesn't fall on the neighbor's shed!

Desired profile

  • You have no qualms about taking responsibility and nothing holds back your sense of initiative.
  • Meticulousness and attention to detail are very important to you when working with your hands, especially in close proximity to magnetic fields and electrical wires.
  • As a climber, heights and proximity to electrical wires do not scare you.
  • Mother Nature and her whims only double your motivation, the weather does not intimidate you.
  • Agile as a monkey, but quick as a hummingbird, you can move safely between the branches.
  • Your colleagues are an extension of your immediate family: you will never let them down - literally!
  • Like an experienced surgeon, you cut through the tumors of our urban forest with extreme precision!
  • Listening like a tree is better than anything, so you will always be listening to the advice and experiences of your colleagues; you can only learn!
  • Your love for nature is obvious.
  • Reliable and diligent, you enjoy teamwork.
  • You are capable of making a physical effort.

Advisor for this position

Mélanie Désaulniers
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