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Manager, Financial Reporting (Full relocation package)

No. 5032
May 13, 2024
Between $114,000 and $137,000 per year, based on experience, plus an annual Northern Living Allowance of $3,700.
Job category
Accounting - Finance
Type of job
Day shift, 37.5 hours per week
NOTE TO READERS: We want your professional CPA opinion! Take 2 minutes to visualize the following staging and tell us what you think: Welcome to Yellowknife, a place where each day presents an opportunity to seamlessly blend an outstanding career with an unparalleled quality of life. As the Manager, Financial Reporting, explore the chance to apply your exceptional skills while enjoying the exclusive benefits offered by this region.


  • 1. Financial Statement, Audit, and Budget Management:
  • Ensure the ongoing update of work records for annual financial statements.
  • Develop reports in the accounting system (Great Plains Dynamics) for the preparation of working papers.
  • Oversee consolidated division budgets, the budget framework, policies, and the preparation of projected results.
  • Prepare monthly unaudited financial statements for management purposes, and intermediate financial statements for the Audit Committee.
  • 2. Financial Team Supervision and Planning:
  • Oversee the management and well-being of the team: plan training, allocate tasks, set team goals, conduct annual evaluations, and ensure the team's smooth operation.
  • Encourage the entire team to adhere to established practises that promote health and safety in the workplace.
  • Provide guidance and assistance on accounting policies, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and interpretation.
  • Participate in projects to address declaration and internal control issues.
  • 3. IFRS Research and Analysis:
  • Review financial reporting proposed by the International Accounting Standards Board.
  • Assess the impact of accounting developments in accordance with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission.
  • Stay updated on IFRS and prepare position notes.
  • 4. Support for the Finance Division:
  • Prepare position notes and reports on financial declaration issues.
  • Perform other related tasks ensuring the financial success of the company.


  • Full relocation package with a specialized company.
  • Hotel stay to ensure the safe arrival of your furniture.
  • Generous benefits package and enrollment in the Public Service Pension Plan with employer contributions, taking into account your five best years in terms of results.
  • A workplace culture and leave entitlements that promote and support a healthy work-life fit.
  • Culturally diverse workforce that embraces change and welcomes your lived experience.
  • Being part of a team that positively impacts the quality of life for workers across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
  • Federal and territorial tax incentives such as the Northwest Territories personal tax credits and the Northern Residents Tax Deductions.
  • 16.5-day holiday bank for new employees, increasing with years of service.
  • Choice of French or English schools for your children, offering limitless possibilities.

Job requirements

  • Proud holder of a CPA designation.
  • Three (3) years of progressive accounting and financial reporting experience.
  • Your expertise in IFRS is essential; you have at least one (1) year's experience in preparing complex IFRS-compliant financial statements and related work packages.
  • At least two (2) years of experience as a team supervisor.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills, crucial for report writing.
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting legislation, regulations, and standards.

Desired profile

  • An adventurous spirit that aspires to seize the best professional and personal opportunities.
  • The ability to listen attentively to your team and colleagues to facilitate effective collaboration and diplomatically manage differences in opinion.
  • A strong commitment to upholding financial procedures, acting as a role model in this area.
  • The ability to organize your day based on priorities, and confidence in your time management and organizational skills to ensure mission success.
  • Join us in Yellowknife, where professional development meets exceptional quality of life, creating an unparalleled experience.

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