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The beginning of the fall season is for many a time when projects take shape as we return to work refreshed and energized by the summer break. This time allowed us to clear our minds and come back in full swing, often with clearer ideas.

Often, when we return, we review the goals we set at the beginning of the year and realign them for the last stretch of the year. Sometimes, we explore new opportunities and try to adjust.

We often realize that we have more than enough on our schedule and that it’s getting filled up too quickly. Too many options? Difficult to adjust? Our performance driven society runs on adrenaline, quantity, productivity, etc.

So what are the dangers?
1. Lack of focus by trying to make everything happen at once instead of focusing on what is actually important.
2. Thinking that we can and should do everything alone. Unfortunately, a person cannot do EVERYTHING because there is a limited number of hours in a day. Doing EVERYTHING does not guarantee QUALITY, ADDED VALUE, or even real IMPACT on individuals, teams and clients.
3. Losing focus of what we are doing. By trying to do everything, we tend to spread ourselves too thin and not do anything in depth. By working in a multitasking mode, we lose focus of our mission / work.
4. Not performing quality work. Quality should always be kept in mind since it is more often than not a guarantee of success in addition to providing credibility.
5. Getting burnt out and…losing sight of your balance. Do you really want to reach the end of the year burnt out? Constantly spending your vacations trying to recharge your batteries in order to be ready to start over again?

What if this fall season we did something different to take advantage of this period when we are still refreshed and well rested from the summer, to:

1. Generate results that have an impact and added value;
2. Work on what is important to us, our team, our personal life;
3. Maintain our well-being and mental balance.

The challenge here is not only in the way you manage your time, but rather in managing yourself in relation to your priorities. Here your priorities are the ones that are important to you and especially to the organization. In order to give meaning to your life and your day-to-day, stop for a moment, take a step back and prioritize. To help you reach your goals, we offer you a practical and proven 5-step approach (from author Alice Boyce) to help you choose the activities you decide to devote time to.
Here is a reminder of this approach:

1. Identify the tasks that you consider important and give yourself more time than you will likely need to complete them.
2. Isolate the most important elements of these tasks and find ways to advance them by setting yourself some goals (daily, weekly, monthly).
3. Anticipate the anxious feelings that surround working on the most important tasks and prepare yourself to handle and overcome them.
4. Spend less time on tasks without any added value.
5. Make good use of activities that help you unwind and gain clarity (exercise, travel, family activities, etc.).

Start strong this fall with a healthy prioritization of your projects and FOCUS on elements with added value. This way, you will be efficient and energized not only after you come back from vacation, but all year long!

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