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No. 1388
April 1, 2024
$19.11 to $19.87 per hour
Job category
Administrative Support
Type of job
Day shift, 1 afternoon per week (Wednesday)
A few hours here and there, a few interactions every now and then, this is what we call the perfect job to fit into your student schedule or between two golf games in your retired life! It’s in a quiet and peaceful environment that you will supervise students during their construction industry exams. Your smile and natural kindness will calm their nervousness during this key stage of their career path. Do we schedule you?


  • You prepare the room and materials for the exam session before students arrive.
  • You greet candidates with a smile, guide them through the steps to follow, then clearly explain the instructions.
  • You are responsible for distributing and collecting all student documents.
  • You are on the lookout for problems encountered by students in order to report them to the contact person.
  • You complete the proctoring report in which any infraction (plagiarism, falsification) committed during the exam must be reported to the designated person.
  • For the health and safety of all, you disinfect the spaces and equipment used.
  • If necessary, perform any other related tasks.


  • A position that requires little time and commitment to fit nicely into your schedule.
  • Time off during the winter holidays and during the construction holiday in July.
  • Parking on site so you won’t have to search too long.

Job requirements

  • High school diploma, essential.
  • Excellent fluency in French.
  • Comfortable working in a computerized environment.

Desired profile

  • Appreciate a calm and quiet work environment.
  • Be an unrivalled host and know how to warmly welcome clients.
  • Enjoy sharing their knowledge.
  • Be able to enforce established rules.

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